Email Marketing

What is Constant Contact and why use it for email marketing?

Constant Contact is your single source for digital and email marketing campaigns, including:

  • Sending email newsletters and announcements
  • Marketing automation, drip campaigns, welcome, birthday and anniversary emails.
  • Collecting online feedback via polls and surveys
  • Promoting and managing registration for events online
  • Running offers, coupons, promotions, and collecting donations

Constant Contact also includes shared content and contact management that works across all of these campaigns with real-time reporting insights that let you see what worked and what didn’t. And it’s all in one place — with the convenience of one login.

Plan and execute your email marketing plan

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Free Campaign Design

As a Constant Contact Solution Provider, I’ve got the expertise and know-how to help you use the Constant Contact Toolkit to promote your brand. And, right now, if you become a paying Email customer with Constant Contact you’ll receive a Free Campaign Design.

What is a Campaign Design?
It’s a reusable email template that matches your company’s branding: including colors, logos and social media links. Your personalized template will save you time and make you look great!

How does this offer work?
It’s simple, sign up now for a email account. Send me a quick email once you’ve paid. Then I will create your personalized template. The template will be placed in your account within two weeks. I’ll also help you upload your list and give you one hour of email marketing consultation – no charge.Campaign Design from Constant Contact