What content is most effective for an autoresponder series?

What do your customers ask? A simple approach involves taking a traditional list of advice and delivering it one tip at a time through your autoresponder series. Some examples: 7 Little Known Secrets Every Consultant Should Know About… Read More

What kind of content do you need for your autoresponder series?

Above all else you’ll want the content in your autoresponder series to be useful. Your reader should look forward to receiving every email in your series. This happens when they know they’ll be rewarded for taking a moment… Read More

“Why would I want to send automated messages? Isn’t that impersonal?”

Autoresponder actually allows you to be more personal. This is because you’ll be crafting messages that speak to the individual contacts within specific groups of your email contacts. Each and every contact will go through the same great… Read More

Why use Email Autoresponder?

Autoresponder allows you to create the same great experience for your first email subscriber and your 10,000th subscriber. This makes an email autoresponder the perfect tool for getting your core messages in front of the individuals within specific… Read More