Measuring Your Email Marketing

How to use reports and analytics to evaluate your marketing campaigns Metrics – can be like magic. Have you wondered: how can the reports and analytics of digital marketing give you the insight and key info you need… Read More

Look Great in the Inbox

Design Tips for Building Successful Email Campaigns How are YOU doing with your emails? This seminar will help you avoid common mistakes and maximize your emails for powerful impact!  Attendees of this presentation will learn: Branding beyond the… Read More

Standout Subject Lines

Get Opened, Get Read, Get Results Ignored – or Engaging? How are your subject lines working – or NOT working – to capture the attention and interest of your audience? This fast-paced seminar will take a deeper dive… Read More

Marketing Automation

Automate Your Marketing! Planning ahead to convert & keep Do you send the same information over and over? Do you ever forget to follow up with new subscribers, customer anniversaries and birthdays? How do you share your great… Read More

Harness the Power of Mobile Marketing

Participants will learn how to use mobile technology to promote themselves and drive more business. Mobile internet usage is growing fast – more people are starting to receive and read your email and social media messages with their… Read More

Content Marketing

What to Say, and How to Say It Using words and images to craft your email messages Heard of “location, location, location”? For online marketing, it’s “Content, Content, Content!” What you say, and the way you say it… Read More

Grow Your Business with Email & Social Media Workshop

Many small businesses and organizations find themselves seeking the right strategies, tools and tactics to make their marketing efforts as effective as possible.  But between Facebook and Twitter, email and mobile, deals, and whatever new social network is… Read More

Grow Your Email List

Quick, easy ideas to expand your reach So: how’s your email list? Is it growing steadily – or a bit stagnant? And when’s the last time you actually contacted them? If you are ready to develop a great… Read More

Tips and Tricks for Successful Email Marketing

The Power of the Inbox What is the first impression you give when they see you in their email inbox? And when they see you there, what do they do? This powerful seminar takes you step-by-step through the… Read More

Email Autoresponder

How to Put Your Marketing on Autopilot with Autoresponder Imagine if you could set up a simple marketing system that allowed you to capture and nurture leads for your business or nonprofit. Now imagine if you could set… Read More