Where to Get Content for Your Web Site

Ideally it’s best to write it yourself. It doesn’t have to be big complicated project. Sit down, grab a pen and paper, your iWhatever or your computer and think about what you want to say and who you want to say it to. If writing is not your forte engage with a marketing professional or writer – your local circle or community are full of talented & creative individuals!

Be Honest, Provide Expertise or Tell a Story

For example, Echohill builds web sites so I’m writing an article on how to create content for your web site. If you’re a business owner you’re an expert in your own field – whether it’s art, retail, golf, adventure travel or dog training. Start writing about it and establishing your business as an expert in your chosen profession. Know your business, focus and set the correct expectations for your customer or visitor. Make sure your messaging reflects who you are, and doesn’t promise something you can’t deliver.

What Do Your Customers Ask You?

This is an excellent way to build content! Think of all the questions you are asked in person, over the phone and by email. Make a list of the questions and write out the answers. Then build a frequently asked question section on your web site (aka FAQ). As you do this you may see a pattern that will inspire you to map out your content. You’ll find your FAQ can be a useful resource for new staff or even a neat project for a summer student to ask and answer – great training exercise.

Share Content or Ideas – Tap into your Suppliers’ Marketing Departments

Tourism: If you are in the tourism industry team up with a few partners – share articles on things to do in the area.
Retail: If you resell product – go to your suppliers. What promotional materials including marketing copy or images do they have that you can use? Why re-invent the wheel – tap into their expertise and get them to help you sell their product lines – it’s win-win for both parties. Some suppliers have cooperative marketing which involves combining advertising, product promotion or branding efforts that help all involved businesses get more results. Talk to your suppliers and see if they have a program, budget or percentage of sales they’ll reimburse you for marketing.

What Not to Do

  • Don’t use written content or images that you don’t know the origin of
  • Don’t copy content off another web site (unless you have written approval to do so)
  • Don’t put content on the web (or anywhere) without spell checking it and proof reading it

Original content is best and it’s fresh – it will have your personal spin and will help you communicate better with your customers. What are you waiting for?

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