What kind of content do you need for your autoresponder series?

Above all else you’ll want the content in your autoresponder series to be useful. Your reader should look forward to receiving every email in your series. This happens when they know they’ll be rewarded for taking a moment out of their day to read your message. Think in terms of useful tips, creative ideas, or strategies that help the reader solve a problem. The exact content you’ll use depends on the needs of the individual contacts within the group you’re emailing.

Here are some autoresponder examples:

  • For prospects, focus on content that shows them how working with you or using your product will make their life better;
  • For customers, focus on how they can get the most from your product or service; perhaps you want to show potential volunteers how fulfilling it is to work with your nonprofit, or how contributions from donors make a real difference in the community you serve.
  • For donors, share stories of how your organization has helped people or causes, share photos from fundraisers.
  • For members, highlight membership benefits, member profiles and how other members or partners have successes.

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